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Resident Application

Application Process:

  1. To be considered for admission into one of our residences, please complete the application below. 

  2. Once your application is received, a confirmation email will be sent. 

  3. Then we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a phone interview.

We look forward to assisting you on your new journey and path to a successful recovery!

Resident Application

Resident Information


If you live with a spouse, partner or parent please answer the questions below. If not, mark N/A

Emergency Contacts

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Medical History

List all medications you are currently taking:

Legal History

Employment History


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Length of Stay

Program Fees, Process, & Details

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  • Admin Fee $150 includes: Interview, intake, breathalyzer, and drug testing.

  • Non-Refundable Deposit $125 is fully refundable after 6 month commitment is met.

  • I understand in the event I be dismissed from the program for any reason, including but not limited to relapse. I understand that any deposit or pre-paid fees will be forfeited.

  • I understand if I do not complete my 6 month commitment to Pure Life Sober Living that any deposit or pre-paid fees will be forfeited.

* I understand and agree to all of the program fees and terms outlined above.





All information disclosed is completely confidential. A phone assessment or intake appointment will be scheduled prior to admission to Pure Life Sober Living. 

If you have any further questions, please call us at (813) 328-9473 or you can visit or our website at 

1. Women's & Men's Residence: Our recovery residences are not co-ed. Each residence is strictly for use of the designated gender.  We do not allow visitations between houses. We do not accommodate children or animals of any kind.

2. Sobriety: No use of alcohol, mood/mind altering substances (CBD's, etc.) If relapse occurs, clients are discharged from the program immediately.

3. Intake & Medications: Residents must provide a list of and show medications to staff upon intake and notify each time prescriptions are changed.  

4. Belongings Search: Residents belongings are subject to search upon intake and rooms can be checked by House Manager at any time.

5. Screening: Breathalyzers are due 2x per day by 11am & 11pm, no exceptions. Submit to random drug screening/breathalyzer immediately upon request. No exceptions, failure to do so will result in immediate termination of your contract with Pure Life Sober Living.

6. Meetings: You must attend 90 meetings in 90 days, accompanied by a fellow resident of the house that is NOT a newcomer. After 90 days, you will be expected to regularly attend meetings with a minimum of 4 meetings a week. 

7. Ridesharing is only allowed with another same gender resident in the program.  They must remain outside the residence in their vehicle.

8. Daily Planner: For the first 30 Days, you agree to complete the daily planner and submit it each Sunday at the House Meeting

9. Sponsor: Must have a Sponsor within the 2 weeks of admission. Report the name of your Sponsor to Administrator. Must be willing to sign a release of information for your Sponsor if requested.  Sponsor contact information will be provided each week.  Residents are expected to have DAILY contact with a sponsor and weekly in-person meetings for working the 12-Steps with sponsor. If they are not working their program, this is grounds for dismissal.

10. Home Group: Residents are required to maintain a 12-step Home Group.

11. PHP/IOP: If enrolled in an Outpatient/Day treatment program you must adhere to all treatment guidelines. Being discharged from the treatment program could result in termination of your contract with Pure Life Sober Living.

12. Job/School/Volunteer: Must be employed within 2 weeks of admission, attending school or volunteering for a minimum of 25 hours per week. Enrollment in an outpatient or day treatment program may be substituted for employment in some cases.

13.  Job Restrictions: No employment in bars, clubs or any other environment deemed unsafe by Administrator. No 3rd shifts. Must obtain approval prior to starting new employment by the Director.

14. House Meeting: Attend Mandatory House meeting held each week Sunday @ 6pm. Be on time. No Exceptions. Failure to attend a house meeting could be grounds for discharge from Pure Life Sober Living.

15. Curfew: 1st 30 days - 10:00 pm Sun-Thurs and 11:00 pm Fri & Sat.   After the first 30 days- 11:00 pm Sun- Thurs and 12:00 am Fri & Sat. Any exceptions must be approved by Director one week prior. No Exceptions.

16. Morning Routine: Resident should clean their bedroom and the bed made daily before 9:00 am.

17. Chores are required to be completed and initialed DAILY. They will be assigned weekly on a rotating basis. Beds are required to be made upon awakening. Respective areas are to be kept neat, clean and picked up at all times. Failure to compete assigned chore can/will result dismissal from the program.
Sundays - All deep cleaning chores must be completed by 5:30pm for review by House Managers

18. House Space: Please be mindful of others and your time of use while utilizing shared spaces, such as bathrooms, kitchen prep area (i.e - microwave, stove, oven, coffee maker).  Dishes must be rinsed and placed into the dishwasher or washed and placed on the dish rack.  Respect community areas, as you would expect for others to do.  

19. Laundry: Abide by laundry schedule at all times. DO NOT leave laundry in the washer or dryer. Change-over or remove laundry immediately after it is done. Return baskets to their respective place. NO Chlorine bleach allowed. Color safe bleach only. No cleaning products containing bleach is permitted.

20. Visitors: No persons other than residents are allowed in the on the property or inside Pure Life Sober Living unless a staff member is present or prior visitation request is approved. Approved visitors are only allowed on the outside patio and/or common living area.​ Overnight guests are strictly prohibited. 

21. Overnight pass request forms must be filled out entirely and APPROVED in writing a minimum of 2 weeks before a pass transpires. 

22. Behavior: Gossip, Rude, Disruptive, Discourteous behavior towards the House Manager or other residents will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal form Pure Life Sober Living. Any resident or group of residents contributing to negative discussions regarding the house or other residents, exacerbating problems or directly involving themselves in the issues being resolved by the Director or House Manager, will also be held accountable in the same manner. 

23.  Early Recovery Relationships: No dating and no new relationships are permitted in sober living for the first year that residents remain in the program.  Violation may terminate your residency.

24. Dismissed Residents Policy: Residents are encouraged not to engage in any communication with a former resident that has been terminated from the program within the previous twelve months.  This includes texting, exchanging phone numbers and all social media. Should a current resident decide to continue communication, if any negative discussions, issues (past or present), gossip, and/or disruption, follow this person into the house, depending upon the severity of the situation, the resident may be discharged.

25. Complaints: When a resident has a concern or a complaint, it should be brought to the House Manager or Director immediately.  To complain to a fellow resident is useless and lowers the morale of everyone involved.  There should be NO counseling whatsoever or propagation of matters that relate to another resident, between residents.  This can be subject to termination of residency for all parties involved. 

26.  Personal Items: No eating/borrowing food that does not belong to you. Label all food with your name on it as well as expiration date. No borrowing of money, cigarettes, clothing or personal items. If you are in need, see Administrator. No nail polish or hair dyes allowed outside of bathroom area. Resident is responsible for any damage caused by such items. All medications, vitamins, jewelry and personal items MUST be kept out of sight in a closed space or drawer.

27.  Private Space: No entering others living areas without knocking first and permission to enter with the person being present. The exception to this would be in the case of an emergency and the Director has been notified.

28. Smoking of ANY kind inside Pure Life Sober Living is strictly prohibited. There are 2 outdoor patios designated as smoking areas.

29. No open flame allowed inside the house, including but not limited to, candles, wax jars,  incense, etc.

30. Door Code: No giving out door codes. No duplicating community amenity keys (pool, tennis & racquetball courts).  If you forget your door code or lose a community key report it immediately to the Director. House is to be locked and all doors secured prior to leaving and upon re-entry.

31. Privacy: Pure Life Sober Living's contact information is to be given out only to Sponsor, network or immediate family members.

32. Liability: Pure Life Sober Living is NOT at any time responsible for a resident’s belongings or property.  Residents are responsible for the security and safekeeping of their own belongings and property.

33. Disciplinary Action: Any House Rules which are not adhered to will be subject to disciplinary action including: Curfew hours reduced, Loss of Amenities, Additional chores, Voluntary Hours Required, and/or Discharge from the program.

* I understand and agree to all of the house rules and all terms outlined above.

House Rules

Thank you for submitting your application,
we will be in touch with you shortly!

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