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Our Philosophy

Alone we can do so little.

Together we can do so much.

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At Pure Life Sober Living we believe in encouraging women to help them recover from addiction and transition towards a new and fulfilling life. Our structured residence promotes accountability within the household with a list of daily chores, weekly responsibilities and monthly goals. 


This will allow clients to develop self-reliant living routines & positive responses to life's challenges. We believe that by creating a mutual respect with a common goal to overcome chemical dependency, each resident is inherently more confident working together and become stronger individuals.



Our recovery residence provides women with a safe and affordable transitional living environment.  We have a strict code of ethics and zero-tolerance policy to ensure complete safety and security for all.

Sobering Statistics

For many people, returning to their homes, families and communities is fraught with an extreme amount of stress, risk and temptation too early in their recovery.  They are not able to effectively cope with the resulting triggers, which can lead to relapse and continued abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Researchers found that people who completed a residential treatment program and transitioned into a licensed sober-living residence, were approx.

6x less likely to relapse. A sober living residence can provide them with a support system they are unlikely to find anywhere else, making this resource one of the most effective keys to successful long-term recovery.

 - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine  

Contact Us

Tampa, FL 
The Greater Carrollwood Area

(813) 328-9473

Monday thru Friday 10am - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 4pm

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