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Journey to Recovery

The First Step

At Pure Life Sober Living we operate as a bridge between a treatment facility and the “real world.”

Once leaving a treatment facility and returning home, you may be struggling with adjusting back to daily life. Our residence offers an in-between recovery option that allows you to reinforce the lessons learned in rehab.


For a lot of people in recovery, moving into a calm, peaceful environment is the difference between returning to their familiar habits or continuing on the path of sobriety.

Generally, residents will stay with us for at least 6 months, but stays can be arranged for as long as necessary.

Our sober living home is a great option to alleviate any concerns you may have about going from such a monitored environment right back into daily life.

Roommates sober living

A New Home

Pure Life Sober Living replicates normal, everyday life situations while instilling healthy habits.

We allow individuals to feel like they are easing back into normal life and not thrown immediately into the issues they may have been trying to escape from. 

Although Pure Life Sober Living is less restrictive than inpatient facilities, we have rules and guidelines that residents must abide by, including curfews, nightly substance testing, chores  & house meetings.

An important part of staying with Pure Life Sober Living is creating positive relationships and daily responsibilities that help to reinforce the desire to abstain from drugs & alcohol. This support system allows residents to avoid the worry & isolation that can sometimes come with returning home while in recovery.

Women in recovery from addiction

Staying Sober

Pure Life Sober Living represents an alternative to going from an immersive care environment straight to a totally unstructured environment at home.

Pure Life Sober Living offers residents the comfort & ability to do things that will guide them throughout recovery & help to prevent relapse:

  • Making amends with friends & family members affected by one’s substance abuse

  • Finding a job

  • School, Online courses

  • Volunteer with people in need - this can be very humbling since you are needed is such a meaningful way

  • Becoming self-sufficient

  • Working with their Sponsor and ensuring they are staying active in their program​ & relapse prevention plan

  • Learning how to recognize triggers & ways to eliminate them from daily life

Women in a healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Finding enjoyment in life again without drugs and alcohol is what Pure Life Sober Living offers.

Make a commitment to rebuild your emotional & physical health. Show you are serious about your sobriety:

  • Water, Water Water!
    Detoxing your body & medications may cause you to feel dehydrated.  Keeping a cold water bottle with you is a healthy & a great way to alleviate the need to drink in other ways.

  • No Energy Today...There will be some days where you don't feel up to the challenge & that's okay. Our community offers a walking trail, park, pool and much more. Grab a blanket, your music, relax with a book and look at the beautiful world around you.

  • Clean...So this is part of what we do to maintain a beautiful home to live in. If you feel down or bored and start to drift into "thoughts" grab your earpods woman!  Work on whatever task is yours that week. Now you're done, sit back & enjoy! ​

  • Exercise, Meditate, Yoga

  • Reading, Music, Art 

Replacing old habits with positive, new habits is critical during your recovery. You can do this!

Mending Relationships

Mend Relationships

Once life begins to stabilize and you’re able to think clearly in recovery, the top priority is often regaining the trust of your loved ones.


However, your loved ones may have been betrayed or hurt by things that happened during your addiction and need time to heal. Your loved ones’ emotions are raw & they will be watching you anxiously. 

It’s important to make amends with family and friends and have them feel you are trustworthy again.

  • Communication should be honest & wide open​​

  • Follow through on post-treatment plans

  • Keep your appointments

  • Attend 12-step meetings

  • Call your Sponsor every day

  • Make it to work on time

  • Do everything in your power to be a person of integrity

  • Keeping your word will encourage productive and healthy interactions and relationships 

Loved ones want to be able to trust you again, and it can happen.

Pure Life Sober Living CAN help to establish that trust in your relationships again. It just takes patience and a consistent effort.

Move into Sober Living

When to Move In

Pure Life Sober Living is essential for women transitioning into a new, clean life.  The most important thing you can do in your life is keep all of the hard work you have put into remaining sober. Let this be a testament that recovery is possible! 

Residents often work harder not to relapse and remain clean. They WANT to stay longer with us versus going back to into treatment.  Becoming a resident is an integral part of your success.  Living with us is...

  • Inexpensive & affordable

  • Allows family members peace of mind

  • Surrounded by peers reducing loneliness & not feeling judged

  • Learning patience, communicate with others, and interpersonal issues

  • Eliminate the risks

  • Reinstallation of basic life skills such as finances, cleanliness, working & living in society

  • Comfortable, safe & calm surroundings

  • Guidance and support 24/7 from House Manager & Director

This is your opportunity to demonstrate each & every day that you are becoming stronger, reliable and more self-sufficient. 

Contact Us

Tampa, FL
The Greater Carrollwood Area

(813) 328-9473

Monday thru Friday 10am - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 4pm

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