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Affordable Mental Health Therapy: This is How!

Let's face it, therapy is expensive. With cash rates in the United States averaging from $50 to $150 per session (and up to $250 or more per session in some parts of the country). Many uninsured Americans live below the poverty line and are unable to pay these rates out of pocket. Alot of clients begin cancelling or no-showing because the visit fees become overwhelming and they can't afford it. This can make a person feel upset and actually retreat from the idea of therapy altogether. I'm going to discuss some ways that you CAN afford to speak with a Mental Health Therapist.

Visit In Office with a Therapist Who Offers Sliding Scale

In order to meet need in an affordable way, many therapists offer sliding scale fees, which means that a client’s fee is based on their ability to pay rather than a standard rate. If a client does not have insurance (or cannot afford their deductible), their therapist might offer reduced out-of-pocket fees to make therapy more affordable. Although therapists are not required to offer a sliding scale, the American Psychological Association's ethical guidelines encourage psychologists to reserve a number of spots in their practice for reduced rate or pro bono services. Although most therapists want to offer affordable care to clients, they have bills as well, and so typically a therapist will have a limited number of sliding scale spots available. Some therapists even offer free therapy sessions to low-income clients; however, some will include a small fee (for example, $5 per session) to increase client investment in the therapeutic process without creating financial hardship.

Many therapists provide a brief phone consultation at no cost to the client so that both parties can assess whether the relationship might be a good fit. During this consultation, the therapist will ask things like why the client is seeking services, what symptoms they are experiencing, and how they will pay for services. is an organization that connects people to low-cost therapy sessions starting at $30 per session. Clients can search for providers in their geographic area that can meet their mental health needs at a price they can afford.

Visit with a Therapist through some of the BEST Online Therapy Sites

Online therapy involves remote therapy sessions that you attend via telephone, video calls, chat rooms, or email. Research has shown that 70% of people do not have access to traditional, in-office therapy. Luckily, the growing online therapy industry has made it easier (and often more affordable) to get mental health care, even if you work nonstandard hours, have a busy family, live in a rural area, or lack insurance. I visit this site quite frequently for health articles, etc. and it has proven to offer the best, most trusted resources for online therapy.

They have tried, tested and written unbiased reviews of the best online therapy programs including Talkspace, Betterhelp, and Regain.


Find your best self again and talk it out. I promise, it is worth every ounce of effort you put into it!

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