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7 Signs You’re Surrounded By People Who Feed Off Your Energy – Pay Attention To The Company You Keep

When it comes to the people we allow within our circle we need to be cautious. You can’t just let anyone and everyone get close to you.

While it might not always seem like it there are some bad people in this world who want to do nothing more than use you or drain you of your personal energy. we all have to be careful about who we allow near us because the closer a person is the more damage they can do. If you’ve ever noticed how your mood changes around different people, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you’re surrounded by the right kinds of people you will find that they uplift you and when they’re around you feel better overall. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the opposite. They leave you feeling out of it and as if everything is just worse overall. Instead of letting those people feed off of you, you need to be willing to cut them out of your life and move onto those who are going to do nothing but bring forth the right kinds of energies. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you’re surrounding yourself with the wrong kinds of people and how those people might be affecting you. While you might not notice it at first the more of a presence they are allowed in your life the more they will try to drag you down with them. Those who feed off of us do not belong near us, period. 7 Signs You’re Surrounded By Those Who Want To Feed Off Your Energy: 1. You really feel as though they are always taking advantage of you. Rather than helping you in the ways you help them these people are always asking you to do things but never there when you need them. They don’t want to listen when you’re suffering and unless it is convenient they don’t bother having much to do with you outside of you benefiting them. They see that you’re often willing to do things and tend to ask far too much of you to the point where you feel like it is definitely too much. 2. These people criticize and judge you to the point where you question yourself. They criticize you and beat you down all the while pretending to just be playing or trying to look out for you. If they really wanted to be there for you properly they would do it without hurting your feelings like this. They want you to question yourself and enjoy seeing you suffer. 3. Being around these people brings you down. When you’re around these people it makes your mood go from good to seemingly bad. It’s like they bring out the worst in you. While you like being friends with them and are trying to make the most out of it, there isn’t much of a friendship present. 4. You feel like there is a lot of tension within this group of people. Drama follows them everywhere. They love to cause issues with anyone they can find and are always talking about other people behind their backs. They never seem to get along with anyone properly. 5. You feel drained after being around these people. When you spend time with these people or this person they leave you feeling like you need some time to yourself. You cannot handle being around them all the time and always need to recharge after they’ve left. It’s as if they are literally draining the life from you whether you can see it or not. 6. You seem to be much more negative now than you once were. Because they are so negative overtime their negativity has rubbed off on you. You used to be happy and optimistic and now your mind dives into the worst places far too quickly. You find yourself struggling to shutdown negative thoughts as easily as you once could. 7. They only want to be around you when it will benefit them. These people don’t want to spend time with you unless it is something they feel they can gain something through. For instance, if you’re making them dinner they will come over or if you’re driving them somewhere they’re glad to see you. However, if you want them to come hang out while you’re on break or need a ride somewhere they are nowhere to be found. Sources:

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