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Following treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, many recovering addicts are not yet ready to go back to their lives. Reasons may include the individual not feeling fully confident of their abilities to withstand temptation, that their former environment is not conducive to sobriety or that there is no support system in place for them. For these people, making the transition from treatment to a sober living house can be an important part of their recovery.

Sober living houses are homes designed to provide a way for those coming out of rehab, involved in outpatient treatment programs or those struggling with continual relapse from substance abuse, to build self-esteem and accountability and put into practice routines and strategies that will enable them to live on their own, drug-free. A 12 step program approach to recovery promotes individuals to continue on to a sober living home after completing inpatient drug or alcohol rehab.  While living in sober living homes, individuals can participate in outpatient services where there are opportunities for individuals to receive evidence based addiction treatment. Unlike Halfway houses, which are government funded, and can be crowded, dorm-like, and offer only bare essentials, Pure Life Sober Living is a structured, spacious private residence exclusively for women providing much more privacy, comfort and a wide array of amenities. 



















Residence in a sober living house can last from a month to over a year depending on the level of support needed. Costs vary by facility, ranging from minimal accommodations to lavish luxury homes costing several thousand dollars each month. However, Pure Life Sober Living offers a very affordable, safe and peaceful, upscale recovery residence with all of the amenities women would want in a sober living environment.  We are located in Tampa, Florida (Carrollwood) and offer our home to women who come to us from detox and treatments centers, family therapists, behavioral therapists and addiction counselors all over the United States.  Please reach out to us if we may be of assistance to you or a loved one.


Recovery Residence for Women
FARR Accredited Sober Living Tampa
Tampa Women's Sober Living
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